Augmented Drum Kit - Trrraction

    Christos Michalakos | Augmented Drum Kit | Trrraction

    The brain of the electronic part of the instrument, which consists of motors, solenoids, DMX lights, microphones, embedded speakers and live electronics is entirely programmed using Max/MSP and custom externals objects.

    • Feb 13 2015 | 3:36 pm
      Hi Christos, Great to see your work. I've been pursuing similar kinds of work around augmented drum kits, with and without Max, but I think you've really 'nailed' a number of things I've been thinking about. I'm particularly curious about the nature of audio analysis being performed in the 3rd part of your video. I get the sense Max that spectral density is a main control? I'm assuming its largely FFT-based...Have you been able to get Max to identify specific components of the kit, either by spatial location or timbre? Just curious... Again, nice work!