I started playing with MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) for the first time quite recently and realized there was probably creative potential in it, even without the hardware to support it. Then I committed to a basically simple fundamental concept of "point-to-point ramps, some of the time" and realized that this could add quite a bit of sonic interest to otherwise banal MIDI passages, especially when you have a few instances in a row.
    This is also the first device that I've included an Ableton Wavetable-style mod matrix imitation and a number of other jspainter tricks. Once they were in, these eyecandy bits were more gratifying than I ever wanted to admit they would be!
    Maybe the one I like the most was the late realization that with some hackery you can actually show the red 'automation_state' dots in jspainter overrides to get a better, more "native" user experience in Live, which is something I always value.

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