Axxe Audio Splicer

    Automatically splices and sequences audio samples.
    Here's how to use it:
    1. Click "LOAD" to load the audio you wish to splice.
    2. Use the toolbar immediately to the right of the waveform to select, move, zoom, and write directly on the waveform.
    3. Once you've selected a section of audio, Shift-Click one of the 16 preset buttons to store that slice.
    4. Select the rate of quantization immediately to the right of the preset buttons (1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th).
    5. Click and drag the EQ to lowpass the audio if desired.
    6. Set the level and stereo pan immediately to the right of the filter.
    7. Change whether the sequencer triggers the splices randomly or sequentially by clicking the "SEQUENCE/RANDOM" toggle immediately below the preset.
    8. Clear your presets by clicking the "Clear Presets" button immediately above the presets.
    9. Set your tempo at the bottom-right corner under "BPM."
    Still in beta, but more than happy to share the patch. Just shoot me a message!