Banff CAVE

    The new cave is entirely constructed with Max including abstractions and custom Max externals (is900 object for the Intersense tracker).

    • Oct 16 2013 | 9:18 am
      The downloadfile, doesn´t work. I also have tried to download the Arlab tools from its web page, but doesn´t work neither. Is there any place to find it?
      Thank you
    • Oct 26 2013 | 3:29 am
      Sorry, you're right.
      I've moved the files to and for now. I should point out that this project is 3 years old now and there are much better ways to do this now in Max 6 (the projects were built using Max 5). I've taken a breather from Max at the moment while it makes the transition to 64 bit (and I'm busy with a dozen other projects) but I'd intended to rewrite these libraries for VR and AR using the the max 6 objects which do a much better job at multi-camera 3D rendering, etc... Plus the cosm objects have one or two incompatibilities with 6 (nothing major I'm assured but I think something I was using is causing a crash).