Bass Station II Patch Editor

    Novation Bass Station II Patch Editor built with Max

    Max was used to interpret the MIDI sysex patch data to form a GUI. The same GUI can be used to send cc's back to the synth.

    • Mar 25 2014 | 3:58 pm
      This is just what I was looking for.
      I'd love to make it a Max for live device so I can load the right sound and automation for projects I save.
      A few things that are really missing (unless I'm not doing something correctly) is updating the GUI when I twist knobs on the Bass Station. I'd like to type values into dials.
      Also I don't know if it's possible, but sending a dump automatically from the synth to the GUI when I switch a preset would be great!
      I'll see if I can hack it together when I get a chance to open the patch.
    • Apr 08 2014 | 3:28 pm
      Cool, I have now added a, pull patch from hardware button.
    • Jul 29 2014 | 4:36 pm
      I started a Max for Live version of this. I'm not great at Max, but it's pretty easy to just add M4L UI elements and plug them in where the existing ones are and then modify the presentation mode to only display those.
      Wish this had CC in for two way UI updates. If I have free time I'll take a crack at that but like I said, I'm not very good at Max and this is quite a sophisticated patch for me.
      M4L doesn't support syses but you can use a standalone patch running as an APP to plug in two way sysex using Max's cross patch protocols. For example. the Juno 106 editor does this. SysEx-Linker is here,
    • Jul 30 2014 | 4:11 pm
      Ok, so I ended up spending an entire day on this.
      I made a M4L patch with modular UI patches. It requires THERITEOFBASS's original patch to be embedded. I had to make some minor adjustments to the original patch. I added [send] and [receive] objects to all the original UI patch points so I could forward the calls to and from the M4L UI elements in the parent patch.
      I will post it up in a couple of days. I have to finish the filter and ARP sections and make some UI tweaks to maximize the small space. I also have to get the SYSEX companion patch fixed up. I have sysex to the BSII, haven't finished wiring up the receiving patch dump.
      I would very much like to add UI updates of changes made on the hardware. This might have to wait for a second version. I want to minimize the amount of hacking done inside THERITEOFBASS's patch so that improvements and features to the original patch stay consistent with the M4L version. If/when I do add incoming UI updates I'll try to do it in a way where it updates both UIs.
      Actually, as is, if you open up the Max for Live patch and open up the sub patcher with THERITEOFBASS's patch, UI changes from the M4L elements update the full page UI. If I can figure out how to use the Window element I may also add a button then to display THERITEOFBASS's patch as an alternative UI. Though I think integration with Live's modulation and mapping features would only work with the M4L UI elements as they have special bindings for Live's API scripting such as being able to Macro Map.
      Look for it in a couple of days. THERITEOFBASS, I'd like permission to cross post the patch on with your credits attached if that's ok as well.
    • Aug 02 2014 | 10:32 pm
    • Aug 27 2014 | 5:03 pm
      Just wanted to announce V 1.1 of my M4L version of this patch (which now allows popup of the full original editor)
      New features - INCOMING CC!! UI updates to changes on the BS2 Supports all parameter types, CC, Dual CC and NRPN
      - Randomize (most) parameters. Smartly randomizes the musical parameters and leaves the more "noise / random / weird" parameters as-is. Makes very playable random patches quickly.
      Plus some fixes and tweaks in there.
      My major TODO is - Add Sysex patch saving and drag/drop uploading. Answer this question to help add this feature
    • Dec 18 2014 | 10:01 am
      Since I originally built this patch, Novation have released a firmware update that has made the length of sysex patch dump longer. I have now updated the editor to v34 to accommodate the new and older firmware.
    • Feb 17 2015 | 9:53 pm
      Sorry for the delay. I've been working on other editors and forgot about this SYSEX change.
      I've incorporated THERITEOFBASS's changes into my M4L version 1.3. Thanks.
      A new version, 2.0, is in active development. This will feature a better UI, better random, patch saving, and direct synth access (on Mac only at first) via a custom Max external written by me from scratch. This means full two way communication and UI updates without needing an external SYSEX router hack!
      THERITEOFBASS's work was a great jump off point for this patch but 2.0 has a new MIDI message routing system I've written from the ground up for my Korg Hawk 800 modded patch editor (also coming soon) to handle the large number of messages that need to be routed and allows more advanced features such as smart random and patch merging/morphing.
    • Feb 24 2016 | 3:52 pm
      I don't suppose there's any chance you could create a similar patch editor for the original (rack mounted) Novation Super Bass Station? I've searched fare and wide, and the only thing I can find is the somewhat pricey Sound Quest Midi Quest (