Blob Magic

    Blob magic is powered by an FM synth with effects such as Vibrato, Reverb and Delay. The visual plays an important role because it is user friendly. There are instructions already that are presented on the user interface. The user will know that the audio is on or off by seeing if the Ezdac~ object is red or green. The A represents the level of the FM and the B represents the levels of the vibrato effect. Where it says source the user can modulate the CF (Carrier Frequency) the HR (Harmonic Ratio) and the MI (Modulation Index). On the vibrato effect the user can play with the speed, depth and delay. On the bottom the Reverb is controlled. Then in the middle the user can decide the levels of the entire patch. For visual purposes in the background effects the type of effects can be decided by choosing from the menu and the background is then moved in harmony with the sound. But remember to turn it on by pressing the X where it says Background.