Bloom Box - Advanced Live Looping

    BLOOM BOX - "GENIUS" (live-video#2)

    The main patches control a live session fully automated (via MIDI ! Bloom Box started before Max4Live arrived…) and allows to define advanced sequences of clip recs and plays and stop. It's designed to be used as a Super Live Looper ! Using this the performer can focus on what he's playing and not what button he has to press.
    It also handles the gig setlist and dynamically loads live sessions, and custom patches depending on the song (for Guitar wii controller or various sensors used on stage).
    It also allows to control track levels and sends via a distant iPad running touch OSC. So that the mix is directly made inside the ableton live session and not on a physical console. Only two line level cables, less physical patching, less problems, more places willing to welcome the show. And he can move in the crowd for better hearing or even to grab a beer.