Bluetooth SIXAXIS PS3 MIDI Controller App

    Using MaxMSP to receive all the control data from a PS3 controller and converting it to MIDI messages to be used with any program that accepts MIDI. I was also happy to discover that the sixaxis values and button pressure get passed to Max as well. Plus its wireless so I can just completely lean back in my chair and have fun controlling things. I’ve made each message range scalable as well, for fine tuning control possibilities.
    I added 9 nodes for each joystick which gave me 11 control parameters (including XY) for each joystick! It was a little unpredictable to know what kinds of results that would achieve but that was part of the fun:) There is also momentary and toggle Note Ons, button pressure CCs, SIXAXIS motion CCs, random scale Note assignments, 3 parallel sequencers and sample and hold CC values!

    • Bruce Wayne
      Jul 20 2017 | 8:09 pm
      Good Afternoon,
      Im looking for someone to help me create a Tranpose MaxforLive patch. You seem like you have a pretty good handle on how to code in Max.
      Would you be able to help me out?
      This is what Im trying to do:
      Ive been looking for and trying to figure out how to create a Transpose Device.
      This device would:
      -have an up and down functionality (2 buttons)
      -each button would transpose up or down 1 semitone from the current position
      Basically just like the “Pitch” Midi Effect, but instead of a knob control…its split into 2 button controls (up/down)
      Please let me know if you can help or steer me in the right direction. So far Ive been trying to learn the process from youtube, but I think im missing a few critical programming elements to finish it.
      Thanks in advance for your help, Bruce
    • i.stevenson's icon
      i.stevenson's icon
      Aug 18 2017 | 11:59 am
      I would love to know how you are getting the six axis data, this does not seem to show up in the hi object output?
      Please share, Ian.
      PS your app looks great!