Part of the generative machine

    Carbon Sugar Air

    Carbon Sugar Air is a generative music installation that streams 24/7 from our studio, from January 17 2018 to February 21, 2018. The piece is built with Max, based on 15 players in 3 banks of 5, each bank covers a frequency zone roughly analogous to bass, alto, soprano voices. It's an interesting challenge to make generative music using material that has no common pitch reference, a way of working that dates back to when we did a lot of travelling, making performance and installation projects based on specific locations—photos for image sources, field recordings for audio, inherently noisy/non-pitched sound sources. In the current piece we are using the Partch 43-note per octave scale as a kind of pitch grid, with microtonal drifting around the Partch frequencies. Ian Birse/Laura Kavanaugh AKA Instant Places