Chasing LIFE on MAX - Updated

    Cellist Guido Rigatti playing along with MAX4LIFE

    Cellist Guido Rigatti plays live following the music generated by MAX4LIFE, a Max 7 Device designed and coded by Nicola De Bello. The music generated by MAX4LIFE is always different and always unpredictable, because notes are generated by the evolution of cells-life in a 24x24 grid according to the famous "Conway's Game of Life" algorithm, starting from random initial configurations of cells. MAX4LIFE is a Max 7 device containing also a new external object (coded in C and implementing the actual algorithm) and some pieces of JS. MAX4LIFE will be played as a Max4Live device by Ableton Live, but it exists also as a stand-alone Mac OSX App. A second very simple Max 7 device has been created in order to send the cells matrix to a big screen, so that the audience would be able to see the evolution of life which is actually generating the music they are hearing. This device (used as a stand-alone Mac OSX App) is simply a big 24x24 cells matrix receiving the very same MAX4LIFE data via UDP.

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