Chiptune Trashmaker V2

    Chiptune Trashmaker V2 is chiptune sequencer and noise machine – Freeware Max7 OSX – Standalone app
    The chiptune trashmaker was released the first time in 2014 in the french magazine KRhome
    -studio. It was part of my diy articles about Max6. The goal was to patch a little instrument with
    a two pages "how to"of the magazine. This one took a little bit more, but is a nice, autonomous trashi chippy noisy instrument. Recently i gave it a little beautyfication with max7 and added some more features. I use the original patch for workshops and education.
    You can use the chiptune trashmaker with your external pedal board, route it into some modular FX
    or into a daw with soundflower.
    Christine Webster