Chrysalis is a concept album by Sound Designer Riccardo Bazzoni, released on 24 February 2022 on the Errorgrid Records. The album is accompanied by a written narration, edited by Dr. Elena Tsoutsis, a symbol of the intimate journey, and at the same time collective, represented by the theme that inspired the development of the tracks: the experience of frustration of man in the continuous changes of life. But there is also an important graphic contribution, created by Creative Coder Samuel Pietri, always essential in making the visual imagery palpable. The characterisation of the sounds of Chrysalis was possible not only thanks to the recording of material through various instruments and field recordings of natural sources, but also thanks to the realisation of various patches. These include systems that extract and manipulate data; characteristic components of sound. The features extracted were stored and then processed with techniques usually used for generating visual material.