multiBufferClicker demo


    Created entirely in Max.

    • Feb 13 2013 | 11:58 pm
      Hi there, was just thinking about this patch. I think its an interesting approach. What could help to make it more fluent: - Time domain, which will take the parameters and alter them from one state to the other in time x. - Interactivity between the single units, for example a slider to move from one to the other, or automatic transitions between just some ideas. :) - Have a look/listen to Tipper/Jon Hopkins for glitch/clicker inspiration Can it be obtained/downloaded? m8r
    • Feb 18 2013 | 8:23 am
      Hey m8r,
      Thnx for looking and for the ideas. I've pasted the patcher below. Looking into .ftp solution for sharing but my html skills are, well... I think you maybe get the picture ;-)
      the patcher is still very primitive, and I just started looking at polybuffer~ but I think I'm a long way from implementing in this way.
      re: time domain. I originally designed the patch to interact with a DAW timeline. A simple sample looper with an easy to remember UI. The trick is to design it in a way so that I would need to just somehow insert some kind of start, end and midpoint markers in the DAW software timeline, communicate that to Max, and let the fun begin. So, I'm looking into MIDI, ReWire etc. for a solution. Lucky for me I find reading spec texts relaxing.
      re: interactivity. I have plans to introduce more timbre shaping functionality. EQ, amplitude envelope & waveform shaping, a granulator feature, lfos, and some sort of recallable matrix/mixer so literally everything could modulate everything else. I am trying to balance functionality and simplicity though.
      Right now I'm looking into the pattr~ system so any ideas in that area would be very helpful. I'm using a preset object to store settings but I need a robust portable way of saving the patcher's settings for the different projects that I'll be using it on. I'll be checking out the Tipper/Jon Hopkins material shorty.
      Again, thanks. If you do happen to open up the patcher, I really didn't document it very well yet so any ????s don't hesitate to contact me.