Clip Generator

    Front panel of Clip Generator
    Front panel of Clip Generator

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    This is a simple melody and rhythm MIDI generator. Its purpose is to be a sort of generative compositionally assistive tool, but it could be used to generate MIDI content in a live setting too. It uses a random generator that can be massaged to make more desirable results.
    In future more complex algorithms will be added to make for more interesting results. There are no external objects in this patch. It's a Max for Live MIDI Effect that was made entirely with vanilla Max objects. This is a smaller patch from a larger project of mine that generates MIDI clip patterns for multiple instruments for live improvisation. This work has come about from my previous experiences in making generative systems in Max for Live for research and personal use.
    Most helpful objects: dict, random, and live.object
    Operating it is pretty simple: Drop the patch into any MIDI track. In Session View, click an existing MIDI clip or empty clip slot in the track Choose your settings Click Generate