Code Complete

    Code Complete is a series of six albums for which I wrote all the software--sequencers, synths and samplers-- in Max/MSP, and then improvised on that software to lay down the tracks.
    On Prototypes I experimented with a wide variety of coding techniques; chief among these was a method of audio rate sequencing that I found in a Max patch that was circulating, supposedly the work of Autechre.
    Operations originated as an audiovisual performance piece. My sound design goals here were to explore FM synthesis, and be able to manipulate sequences on the fly.
    For Variations 2 I rejigged multiplayer performance software I'd written for my improv techno ensemble G Group, making it suitable for playing solo in the studio.
    With Autoludes I deployed a further iteration of the G Group software, one that emphasized synthesis over sampling. The main feature of this software is the ability to sift random notes into traditional keys or modes, hence the more tonal harmonic scheme.

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    • tdc
      May 13 2019 | 11:24 pm
      Congrats on getting your ideas out and into the world! Inspiring.
    • T. A. Gambarotto's icon
      T. A. Gambarotto's icon
      T. A. Gambarotto
      May 17 2019 | 4:54 pm
      Thank you :)