Composición Colectiva VI: Vos, el Viento y el Sonido [Collective Composition VI: You, the Wind and the Sound]

    Composición Colectiva VI: Vos, el Viento y el Sonido.

    For 8 wind chimes, three-dimensional ambisonics cube sound spatialization (IRCAM’s spat~), real-time processing, electric fans, and Max 7 patch.  Interactive sound installation based on the live processing of the sound of eight different material-made wind chimes; each one of them has a microphone that captures its sounding vibration, this signal is sent to a computer which is in charge of processing and modifying the sound in real-time and play it in a three-dimensional ambisonic audio system. This audio system is set up by placing four speakers on the ceiling and four speakers on the floor, one in each corner of a room, this set up allows sounds to travel on the space through left and right, front and back, up and down and any combinations of this axes. Processed sounds are located in specific places of the room while others are attached to a specific translation trajectory and speed.

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