Compositor 4

    Compositor v4 demo

    Compositor 4 on Macbook
    Compositor 4 on Macbook
    Compositor 4 main screen
    Compositor 4 main screen

    Compositor Software presents Compositor 4 software product for algorithmic music. Compositor 4 platform corresponds to sound aesthetics of noise music and ambient drones. It is useful in experimental and dub sound producer studios. Thanks to Compositor 4 internal modulation and delay line possibilities listener is involved into the interesting world of deep soundscapes. Compositor 4 instrument gives producer an opportunity to feel like amateur radio operator or radio telescope engineer. This way, you have not only musical characteristics, which you searched for, but also a joy from the instrument, which is suitable for comfortable studio work. Compositor 4 can acoustically model radio ether and high frequency sounds. New version with buffer size values up to 262144 samples will help to commit needed amount of memory for high-speed work with third party audio applications. Ableton Live 9 software integration as the Max for Live instrument allows flexible use of Compositor 4 controls.

    • Sep 26 2017 | 5:19 pm
      The main function of Compositor Software kernel is quantum interpolation of canonical mechanics into Maxwell quantum dynamics suitable as a plug-in adapter for FM clocks inside quantum computers. This in terms leads to relativistic approach in quantum field time theory.
    • Sep 26 2017 | 5:23 pm
      Quantum computing?
    • Sep 26 2017 | 6:38 pm
      Maxwell quantum dynamics as fm clock? Sound synthesis from x-files? Cold war as sound engine?
    • Sep 26 2017 | 7:28 pm
      "gives producer an opportunity to feel like amateur"
      that is what i was looking for since i am 5 years old.
    • Sep 26 2017 | 9:57 pm
      Standalone Price:
      € 294
      Mmm so then can we push the edit button and modify your code?
    • Sep 26 2017 | 10:08 pm
      Bcos from your last post:
      "Max for Live device internal structure is a copyright property of Ruslan Yusipov and is under copyright law applied to written software in Russian Federation. It is prohibited to open Max for Live device for editing even in a case of an error. For any problems in operation, you should contact Ruslan Yusipov using the contacts provided. If you pressed Max for Live device edit button by the fault behavior and disoperation of HID YOU MUST CLOSE THE EDIT WINDOW IMMEDIATELY. IN CASE YOU WILL DECIDE TO BREACH THIS AND DO THE EXPORTCODE COMMAND OF GEN PATCHER OR COPY (BY COPY COMMAND PRESSING CTRL+C/CMD+C WINDOWS/MAC AND THEN PASTING BY PRESSING CTRL+V, SHIFT+INSERT/CMD+V WINDOWS/MAC IN TEXT INPUT PROGRAM/DEVICE OR REWRITE BY HAND) GENEXPR CODE FROM CODEBOX YOU ARE IMMEDIATELY BREAK THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION COPYRIGHT LAW STATED BY CIVIL CODE 1235"
      Amazing! Chomsky like
    • Sep 27 2017 | 6:54 am
      I demoed this then half an hour into it Putin landed a black chopper on my roof and implanted future technology in my brain. Best 300 bucks I ever spent. .
    • Sep 27 2017 | 8:28 am
      This is simply fraud.
    • Oct 30 2017 | 4:44 am
      Minimum requirements: D-Wave computer with ASIO interface, DirectX 10, minimum resolution 1024x768.
    • Nov 17 2017 | 11:39 am
      Either he's a mentally retarded guy or a scammer.
    • Nov 17 2017 | 1:21 pm
      I'm just disappointed by the lack of submarines and personal security
    • Jan 02 2018 | 6:49 am
      OK, since I ALWAYS feel like a radio amateur (WX9T...held an Extra ticket for coming up on a couple of decades now) and I've got a composition background (otherwise there wasn't a lot of point in going to Germany some years back and studying with Stockhausen) AND I might've done one or two or way more things with varying electronic and electroacoustic systems and such in the past...oh, what the f...thirty years? I think? AAAAND also having had a look at the site for this...this...whatevertheHELLthisis...
      I call 'shenanigans'.
      Firstly, to do anything like what is described here, interpolating VLF signals (which is gonna be a laff-riot in any sort of developed area due to the mains frequency leakage from power systems, all sorts of RF squeeeel and bbbbbzzzzzzz from any number of electronic devices ranging from computers to LED bulbs to...well, you name it!) is going to require some sort of VLF input setup. Now, in THEORY, you can attach a very long antenna to the input of any old soundcard you have laying around (although this works better with an RF amplifier inline) and pick up a lot of...well, see above...but then you're going to have to make use of this signal-soup. Now, the site claims (I...think?) there's some sort of noise-cancellation setup in this, but, seriously...having messed about down in that part of the RF spectrum at points in my past, I just you're going to sort the various CW and FSK signals (and loads of geomagnetic noises...which, frankly, are a helluva lot more sonically interesting in of themselves) out of the wash of EM garbage that tends to swamp that frequency range 24/7/365. Especially without the assistance of an actual SDR, which I see no mentions of on the Compositor website. Odd omission, that, for a system that's so radio-dependent.
      Various other things don't add up. How does 'altitude' fit into a scheme involving radio signals? Sure, at some frequencies (VHF and upwards) line-of-sight effects determine what can be received, but how, pray tell, do I use this 'altitude' control to...ah...change my present line-of-sight horizon? I think? Otherwise, not...? And how do I store 16km of coax to feed the SDR that isn't there anyway, much less 16km...?????? WHAT!?!?!?!
      Let me do some more Vicodin, and I'll get back on this...
      OK...maybe that's better. Now, reading elsewhere, I see some mentions of 'kernel' architecture. I know what that is, having cut my teeth on a few versions of UNIX over the decades. Buuuuut..a 'kernel' is simply a core bit of code (hence the name; it's supposed to evoke a 'tiny bit of seed' that the processes grow out of via the code) that is small and viable to any incoming process.
      Ableton Live 9.x is not what I'd call a 'kernel'. Yr.Typ. UNIX kernel is maybe some kBytes in size. Ableton Live It's not a kernel. No. NononononoNO. >THWAP< BAD programmer! NO pocky! Detroit techno used organ as a primary instrument. Ah....hah. Mmmmmmmmmmmnope. I've seen quite a bit of this stuff (I even nearly got my finger broke by Carl Craig one night @ the Sardine Bar, when he and I were moving a table...TRUE STORY) and know some of the people who cook this stuff up, including Juan (of the Belleville Three that Mr. Ruslan mentions) Atkins. And what jazzed him up in that first incarnation of Cybotron was no organ. No. That first album, 'Clear', comes right out of the electronic scene in Germany, from artists such as Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and especially a little (HA! it's an hour long) ditty called 'E2-E4' by one Manuel Gottsching which has pretty much ZERO organ playing on it. But beside that,