Compositor v3 Hypervisor Radio Shack - Free-Float Generator

    Demo: Compositor Software: Hypervisor Radio Shack

    Compositor v3 – Hypervisor Radio Shack. Host of virtual machines for VLF translations and interactive audio installations.
    - Three spectrums of radio frequency achieved in accordance to selected feeder such as SLF, ULF and VLF, which makes signal translation more flexible.
    - Two-channel translation with availability of 82944 sub-programs, thanks to analog realization of signal chain.
    - Automatic connection via RTC8k VLF radar with chain length of up to 8K points realizes signal translation in real-time with minimum bufferization.
    - Compositor v3 can translate VLF feedbacks after one-bar only feeding of the SASER channel. In Compositor v3 you have the encryption on a block-level without signal delay, thanks to RTC8k holographic radar LINK function.
    - Compositor v3 performs window functions interpolation of transmission channel, thanks to three layers of operation, which are real-time, signal-rate and transmission rate.