Comprovisação nº 5, ESML, Lisbon, 2016

    Comprovisador.client Notation Examples (v3.83 & v3.85)

    Comprovisação nº 5


    Comprovisador is a system designed by Pedro Louzeiro to enable mediated soloist-ensemble interaction using machine listening, algorithmic compositional procedures and dynamic notation, in a networked environment. In real-time, as a soloist improvises, Comprovisador’s algorithms produce a score that is immediately sight-read by an ensemble of musicians, creating a coordinated response to the improvisation. Interaction is mediated by a performance director through parameter manipulation. Implementation of this system requires a network of computers in order to display notation (separate parts) to each of the musicians playing in the ensemble. More so, wireless connectivity enables computers – and therefore musicians – to be far apart from each other, enabling space as a compositional element. Comprovisador consists of two applications – host and client. Both are developed in Max 7 using bach for its notation features, computer-assisted-composition tools and, of course, Max integration.