Master Patch - Unlocked Full View
    BladeChurch - Additive Synthesis Module
    MellowTron - Simultaneous Multi-Sample Playback
    RefCtrl - Control Over the Entire Patch Using a Seaboard BLOCK

    Cyborg Fencing - An Ironic Dream

    The Project began as an assignment for Hybrid Bodies, Cyborg Worlds, a TIMARA seminar I took in my 2nd year at Oberlin Conservatory. The patch is comprised of several sections. The two inputs read data from the serial ports of whatever computer the patch is running on and transform the data into a usable format. This is done by means of a MAXuino-esque SerialTranslator subpatch. After being transmuted to a usable form and visualized on several displays, the data is then routed to two different sound modules: BladeChurch and MellowTron. BladeChurch uses additive synthesis and reverb/delay to create an ethereal shrieking sound reminiscent of church organ in the high register. MellowTron is the heart of previously developed software I designed for use in musical theatre, which allows for quick read/assign/playback of audio files. Several abstractions were utilized in order to smooth performance, including fadein and fadeout, automation tools that utilize the pattr system inside of Max.