Cyborgs are Dancing: an opera for electroacoustic ensemble & interactive media

    The Workshop of "Cyborgs are Dancing" - an Electronic Opera by Liza Seigido

    "Cyborgs are Dancing" is an opera by Dr. Liza Seigido - one of Miami's award-winning electro-acoustic composers and multimedia artists. The piece is written for processed soprano, processed violin, processed clarinet, motion captured dancer (motion triggers sounds), analogue synth modules, reactive video, reactive lighting, and audience participation via a wireless gaming controller. The real-time audio-visual effects, including the reactive lighting design and projection mapping, are powered by patches constructed in Max 8 by the composer. The audience-member with the gaming controller contributes to the performance by triggering sounds, lighting events, and varying the saturation on the mapped video overlay. The opera was workshopped on Saturday May 4th at St. Bede Chapel in the University of Miami. THE DEVELOPMENT OF "CYBORGS ARE DANCING" RECEIVED FUNDING FROM OPERA AMERICA'S OPERA GRANTS FOR FEMALE COMPOSERS PROGRAM, SUPPORTED BY THE VIRGINIA B. TOULMIN FOUNDATION.

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