Everything that surrounds us is nothing but a collection of atoms, particles and electromagnetic fields, vibrating without any apparent meaning. When these impulses are interpreted by our mind, they become colours, tastes, music, memories and emotions: the foundations of what each one of us perceives as reality. Dökk is a journey through the subconscious mind, where reality is represented by worlds and universes that take form and dissolve within the mind, as it constantly seeks a balance between light and darkness.

    • Feb 13 2018 | 1:14 am
      Stunning! Do you track the motion of the dancer? or is this somehow synchronized?
    • Feb 13 2018 | 8:36 am
      Yes we track the performer with Perception Neuron: a motion capture system made of 18 accelerometers positioned directly on the body, allowing for the real-time tracking of every single movement. These data are then cross-checked with the two Kinect units placed on the stage in order to monitor her positioning on the scene and provide and even more profound level of interaction.
    • Feb 17 2018 | 9:35 pm
      Well done!
    • Feb 22 2018 | 12:37 am
      Splendid on every aspects!
    • Mar 03 2018 | 10:33 am
      Amazing....Great job!