Dag (fish) is a DJ

    Dag is a DJ

    We develop a modular patch using Max/MSP/Jitter environment containing three different patches that allow the use of 2/3 2.4Ghz laptops in order to divide the processing consumption. The first patch controls the image processing for tracking the fish and translating it into a position, velocity (speed) and accelera-tion. The second patch handles music translation and DSP, and the third controls the visualization of the LED-screen on the back of the aquarium.
    Please feel free to ask me for more detail about the patches and implementation!
    The tracking patch also uses the external shared library cv.jit (Jean-Marc Pelletier). The audio patch also involves the patches: 'generative piano', 'sequencer', and 'looper', and a special thanks to the 'digital machine' made by Roberto Attanasio. The visual patch also uses the 'particle' class in the shared physics library in Java.