Denise & Paula

    Denise et Paula - FULL

    Denise & Paula is a tribute to Jay Miner. He was the “father” of the Amiga computer.
    Denise, Agnus & Paula were the names given to the Amiga’s chipsets managing the audio, video and data exchange.
    This work is generated in real-time. Guitar is comprovised and algorithms create audiovisual content through audio analysis. It uses Max and Jitter to generate MIDI and visuals.
    It is my homage to this machine which participated to democratize the digital arts and the demoscene that emerged from it.

    • Dec 07 2020 | 9:21 pm
      Très très sympa, un beau projet d'envergure, vraiment bravo !
    • Dec 07 2020 | 10:48 pm
      Merci Jean-François. Très beau projet également qu'est Petrified et brillant saxophoniste!