DEVIATE - Free Max for Live Device by Novel Music

    DEVIATE Tutorial - Novel Music

    Deviate is a free Max for Live Midi device that creates endless variations on MIDI clips or live MIDI input.
    • Humanize performances
    • Create new material from your existing clips
    • Build a song’s momentum
    • Soft lock to control repetition patterns and chance
    • 128 step memory buffer
    • Automatically size buffer to the number of notes in a clip
    • Map up to 3 parameters in your LIVE set for further modulation
    • Supports MPE input and output for LIVE 11 and up
    The device is free to download here:

    Creator's Website

    • Patrick_K
      Apr 22 2021 | 2:57 pm
      Congrats on shipping this, Ian!
      I like how straightforward/elegant the experience looks in this video. I've downloaded and am looking forward to testing it out soon.
    • Ian Dicke's icon
      Ian Dicke's icon
      Ian Dicke
      Apr 22 2021 | 6:58 pm
      Thanks Patrick! I hope you'll find it useful. I find myself using it more and more as a subtle (or extreme) way to breathe some life into MIDI material that I'm working with.