disrupt!on sound/visual live performance


    All sound analysis, visualizations are made using Max6 & Gen.
    8 oscillators with each a frequency modulator, an amplitude modulator and a low quality delay line.
    Sometimes, on a random basis, some global parameters ramping and change.
    Sometimes, the system change complety randomly all parameters of all oscillators.
    When tweets containing a specific meaning of information (#blpmc) are captured over Internet, from anywhere in the world, disrupt!on reacts. the impact can be long and make it evolving smoothly and progressively but can be very brutal and disruptive too. the system owns its own rules and rules evolve over time so usually, same causes don't produce the same effect.
    2 video projectors display the visuals that are a real-time sound interpretation. each of 8 oscillators drive a point coordinates (x,y) and then, 4 structures are drawn on the screen at the same time.
    Sometimes, the 4 different structures appears placed horizontally on the screen. sometimes they are superposed 2 by 2, and we can see only 2 greater structures. at last, 1 big structure composed by the 4 initial ones takes place as a rectangle in the middle of the place composed by the 2 screen. there is an empty area between the two display areas on the wall so in the latest case, the rectangle is cut and we miss a part of the visuals, evoking again the lost of meaning and the frustration of humans in front of an unpredictable system that they want to control.