Drunk Piano & Friends

    Let Max drunkenly play the piano and invite some of his friends too! His friends know how to play (barely) the recorder, bass guitar, piano, and a beer bottle.
    A fun patch that drunkenly changes the note value, velocity, and duration of each instrument!

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      Bruce Wayne
      Jul 20 2017 | 8:12 pm
      Good Afternoon Hazen,
      Im looking for someone to help me create a Tranpose MaxforLive patch. You seem like you have a pretty good handle on how to code in Max.
      Would you be able to help me out?
      This is what Im trying to do:
      Ive been looking for and trying to figure out how to create a Transpose Device.
      This device would:
      -have an up and down functionality (2 buttons)
      -each button would transpose up or down 1 semitone from the current position
      Basically just like the “Pitch” Midi Effect, but instead of a knob control…its split into 2 button controls (up/down)
      Please let me know if you can help or steer me in the right direction. So far Ive been trying to learn the process from youtube, but I think im missing a few critical programming elements to finish it.
      Thanks in advance for your help, Bruce