Oberheim DSX Hack Demonstration

    DSX Hack

    DSX Hack lets you program your Oberheim DSX sequencer without the need for a connected Oberheim synth, a previous limitation. Instead, you now program it using MIDI files and the software, which creates audio "squelch" that programs the DSX via its cassette input.
    What's awesome about the DSX is that it has EIGHT pairs of CV/Gate outputs on the back, which the sequencer info can be routed to…. That's a whole lot of CV control in one box!
    I'm indebted to the group of beta testers who helped me (many of whom are on this list), as well as to Marcus Ryle (CEO of Line 6 and the DSX's original designer), Paul White (Electrongate and former Oberheim), and Tom Oberheim himself (he pointed me to Marcus).
    DSX Hack is available for both Mac and Windows. It was created entirely using Max 7.