Dual Looper

    DIY Loop Pedal: Max 7

    The actual pedal is a MIDI foot controller - this controls Max 7 on a personal computer.
    The pedal is two separate loop pedals - meaning two loops of different buffer lengths can be recorded. I like to think of this as two different music boxes that play melodies that take different times to go back to the beginning – over time, the melodies start to overlap in unique ways.
    The rest of the pedal functions as a sample pad to trigger previously recorded loops that the user can assign to a button.
    The pedal has the capacity to recall nearly any number of loops of virtually any length. This is perhaps the most significant utility that differentiates it from other existing loop pedals. The ability to access stored loops is only limited by the power of your computer. Unlike other loop pedals that have cheap computers, this configuration does not have a delay when recalling loops – allowing the user to seamlessly move from loop to loop on que and record new ones along the way.