El viaje de Lissajous

    El Viaje de Lissajous

    El viaje de Lissajous (The Lissajous travel) is a 3 piece visual-sound project: El viaje, Lissajous, a=3 b=4. In mathematics, a Lissajous figure is the graph of the parametric equations system corresponding to the superposition of two simple harmonic motions in perpendicular directions .
    This project raises the interrelationship of live sound and image that acts simultaneously on three TVs, a projector and three points of light that act like giant oscilloscopes. I create a multifunctional patch that transforms sound into visual, sometimes what you see is what you hear, sometimes I generated beautiful figures with different waves mixing them in a MAX oscilloscope patch. Also I controlled 3 Phillips HUE lights via WI-FI with a custom patch at the same time.
    Gear used:
    Korg Microkorg XL
    Korg EMX-1
    Korg MS-20 mini
    Custom made midi master keyboard
    3 X HUE bulbs by Phillips
    Cisco Router
    3 X old tube TVs
    Christie projector
    Smoke machine
    Winner of the SGAE-MEEVIC 2014 best project