Emergiendo [Emerging]

    Emergiendo - Emerging

    Violin, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, double bass, percussion, female dancer, 5.1 channels real-time processing, and Max 7 patch. Four entities working together in a symbiotic relationship, a collaborative affiliation possible by the use of a discursive language that allows each individual to decide on the spot what they want to communicate, their sonic conversation becomes the piece. A septet of acoustic instruments, which written material gives them freedom to decide what to play according to the surrounding circumstances. A short story, with blacks filled by the audience, shaping the narration in an unexpected manner. A dancer, that brings words and sound to the visual environment. A technologic electroacoustic live component, that allows all this interactivity to be. A three with no leaves, that wants to become sound, text, movement, life. This piece has been commisioned by the Cʼmon Festival and premiered by the Cʼmon Ensemble and the City Ballet dance Kiera Keglowitsch.

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