Empty Rooms (excerpt)

    Empty Rooms

    "Empty Rooms" instances itself as an audio-visual self-organized performance space.
    The paradigm itself discloses a synesthetic approach between the “aural” and “visual” experiences.
    A Movie made of algorithmically generated "inactive spaces” is projected on a screen - via Max/MSP Jitter.
    An overlapped stream of pre-recorded “sound activities” is then diffused from a record player and from 4 different iPods running in shuffle mode, creating recombinant “invisible actions” to fit into the Movie.
    A self organizing link between sound and visuals is established via cybernetic procedures defined as interconnected spin networks, produced by a video camera “observing” the movie and by one microphone “listening” to the space placed inside the performance Locus.
    The Kyma sound design environment is then engaged in order to compute the data and perform real-time evaluations between the different types of numerical information (audio-video), producing a “sonorous response” to the asynchronous stream of audio-visual contents.
    The synthesized information is then diffused in the performance space again through 4 loudspeakers.
    Various types of feedback will take place during this highly dynamic process implying a self regulating behavior that will establish new connections between the pacing of the movie locations and the “sonorous” content produced by the processing of the iPod sound streams.
    The Observer will then experience the following layers of information:
    - a Real-Time recombinant Movie made of “inactive” locations.
    - an Overlapped Stream of “possible actions” diffused by the iPods that fits into the Movie.
    - a Sonorous link between the above domains of activities via 4 full range loudspeakers.
    The Observer can take into account one or more layers of information (even all of them) in order to create himself a cinematic experience via a correlation process.

    • Jun 18 2011 | 11:37 am
      I THOROUGHLY enjoy what you've done here. The audio/visual pairing is really top notch IMO.AH! excellent work!