Ensemble Topogràfic - Llac (extracte)

    Ensemble Topogràfic

    ‘Llac’ (Lake) is the last performance work premiered last month from Ensemble Topogràfic, a Barcelona settled collective integrating and intertwining technology and art through movement and sound. A travel where technology is both a tool, a medium and a background for the abstract story based in dual existence between reality and avatar, the digital legacy and our relationship with society in both sides of the screen.
    Technology is also a link between Anna Hierro (movement) and Carlos Martorell (sound). Ensemble Topogràfic takes improvisation as a starting point in their shows. The most prominent tool onstage is a Myo armband which allows Hierro to create her own sound intimately bond to her movements, and to manage whole parts of the show. Her arm positions are sent a hundred times per second wirelessly to the computer using Bluetooth LE and converted to MIDI with Myo Mapper and a Max/MSP patch.