Espills @FADE 2017

    Espills is a light sculpture. Conceived as a morphing three-dimensional geometry, Espills colonizes the space inviting the audience to move around the figures, changing its perception through the different perspectives and vanishing points. This idea of non-materiality drives the whole piece, which is presented as a sequence of different abstract moving figures which evolve over time.
    The light sculpture also integrates a sonic dimension which is tightly related to the geometry and movement of light, as a result of a sonification algorithm which translates visual parameters into sound. Light which can be heard, sounds that can be seen.
    Espills is possible thanks to self-made software and hardware. A group of pan-tilt moving mirrors allow to reflect, move and position laser beams with a very high level of precision; software draws laser geometry and controls movement of mirrors, and a set of appliances to hold static mirrors form a technically rich set of self-made technologies.

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