Eurorack Modular Synth with Max/MSP BEAP (❀◕‿◕ฺ)

    Modular Synth Improvisation Live 034

    Music by Akihiko Matsumoto
    Custom M4L Plugin Modular System Sequence: Ableton Live, Cycling'74 Max/MSP Mix: Ableton Live CV Converter: Korg SQ1, Expert Sleepers ES-3 Synth1: Oscitron Synth2: Braids Bass1: QUADNIC Bass2: Black Wavetable VCO Bass3: Warps with QUADNIC Noise1: One Noise2: Owl Modular Noise3: Manis Iteritas with WMD Geiger Counter Noise4:Wogglebug Effect: Custom M4L on Ableton MIDI Controller: Evolution uc33e Reverb: Eventide Blackhole Limitter: iZotope Ozone8