This patch was created with the idea that loops could be made via automation, created and recorded as multiple audio files and MIDI clips from a variety of devices and VSTS inside Ableton. A major consideration taken with this project is how Humanistic MIDI generated with scope for even more dyanmics.
    On operation an apple script is run, inside Ableton a collection of MIDI devices and VSTS have MIDI CCs and noteouts sent from Max to Ableton. (The VSTS contain Program lists/ banks in VSTS of self developed sounds/noises). As Ableton runs it records loops on all selected Audio and MIDI tracks loops.
    Max is the bridge here where all communication of keypresses, CCs and Noteouts take place, i.e perform random values. Aftertouch, dynamics, program change (sent to VSTs) complex MIDI operations for humanising MIDI take place in both Max and Ableton Devices and Max for Live Devices. Noteouts are sent from Max to Ableton, then scaled.