Fluit-Joint Mono synthesizer (Max and Mini variant)

    Fluit-Joint (more name: flush Joint
    This MONO Synthesizer
    2 OSC- standard waveform,
    Shape - Waveform OSC,
    PW - Pulse Width,
    VCF - Filter Cutoff/Resonance and Ring Mod
    VCA - Mix Volume Control. db. Metering
    Scope- indicate Midi Signal. Push/On/Off
    A,D,S,R - Envelope section
    Noise ~Crackle-  Mechanism transform Noise to Crackle this special character
    VCF2 - Noise clean LP-HP Cut.
    TONE - Test tone 440 Hz and more Hz/
    Harmonize Start harmonic effect
    Harmonizer effect Lfo Mod Harmonic, Scope harmonize,  Dry-Wet
    and more...