Formant Creatures

    Formant creatures is an audio effect made for transforming every audio source into an organic, creature-like sound. The Audio Signal first goes through 4 harmonizers that you can tune according to the root note of your track, then through a formant matrix that allows you to use up to 16 formant vowels and move them as you wish to make your very own Formant “path”.
    Once you’re set, enable the movement option to bring it to life and add this organic texture to single sounds or even to an entire track, and blend it with the dry output gain. If you want more dry and upfront sounding creatures you can bypass the reverb. Be careful with the delay feedback and the wet output, resonant peaks can be pretty harsh. Notes: Sometimes it doesn’t start outputting the effected signal unless you turn the delay knob, and sometimes the slider cursor in the formant matrix gets stuck while its moving, you just need to click anywhere else in the matrix to re position it and re start its movement.