FORMS - Screen Ensemble

    Forms - Screen Ensemble

    Forms -Screen Ensemble- is a generative visual music jukebox. Driven by chance and probability, this automata creates endless, unrepeatable graphic scores that are immediately transformed into sound by means of sonification algorithms. Images become sound spectrums, making it possible to -literally- hear what you see.
    Each screen of this networked ensemble plays a particular instrumental role: Rhythm, Harmony or Texture.
    On the graphic engineering side, mathematical research has been done in order to code timbrically and musically coherent graphics that create appealing rhythms, harmonies or textures.
    In regards to audio engineering, Max/MSP performs a sonification process based around the jit.peek and ioscbank~objects. In addition, a set of control routines command the evolution of audiovisual compositions over time through weighted probabilities, Markov chains and chance algorithms.

    • Martin Beck
      Oct 24 2020 | 6:05 pm
      Very nice.