Fraktal Glass Bead Game: interactive installation

    Installation "Fraktal Glass Bead Game" @ the Exposition EmMeio#3 - Brasília - 2011

    The max/msp/jitter patch:
    1) transduces the interactor movements into sounds,
    2) memorizes the group of notes (an unpredictable melody, based on the subtleties of the captured movement),
    3) improvises on the ordering (and, in the "creative" mode, changes the parameters) of the notes (interchanging durations, frequencies and intensities)
    4) feeds each note into a fractal equation: the Gaston Julia's iteractive F(x)=(z*z)-(z/c), resulting into a new (unpredictable) note that
    5) will compose an unpredictable fractal melody.