FRAMES - graphical spectral processor for M4L

    FRAMES is a simple and free graphical spectral processing tool for Ableton Live. Developed with Max For Live by Alberto Barberis and Alberto Ricca/Bienoise, FRAMES allows you to graphically manipulate the sonogram of any sound and to resynthesize it in real-time and in loop.
    The possible sound-image transformations are:
    - the application of a graphical transformation matrix, that allows you to perform scaling, rotation, skewing and perspective operation on the spectrogram; - spectral gate effect (allowing you to maintain only the spectrum components with a magnitude higher or lower than a threshold);
    - spectral time stretch (changing or freezing the playback speed);
    - spectral "time-blur" (Future) or "time-drier" (Past) (a sort of spectral reverb amount);
    FRAMES offers a deep, automatable user interface, with immediate sonical results, allowing you to set the amount of processing with a Dry/Wet control, and to save two different presets and interpolate between them.