Freddo Flusso

    Matteo Castiglioni - Freddo Flusso (2017) installation view at Palazzo Litta, Milano

    Freddo Flusso is a generative audiovisual installation by Matteo Castiglioni. The work is composed of light projected on a translucent 6x1 meters screen and a 8 channel audio system.
    The work is focused on the idea of light forming sounds, creating a continuous composition in constant evolution and creation.
    The eight audio speakers are positioned directly below the screen to create direct correlation between projection and sounds.
    Max/MSP is used to create all the light projection data, which are sent via OSC to touchdesigner. The light datas are used to create the sounds and to spatialize them on the 8 audio speakers.

    • Oct 23 2017 | 4:03 pm
      Great installaiton, thanks for sharing.