FRGMENTS live (sound/visual check session)

    FRGMENTS / audiovisual installation & live performance

    FRGMENTS is both an installation & a live performance. Permanently seeking a signal, an expression, a significant clue which could make me understanding the other better, I use the face expression as a possible emotions emitter expressing what we have in the deepest. I show video portraits, I overlay, I cut them into fragments, trying all possible combinations, for making multiple impassive faces a new one that may have or show a feeling, an emotion. I’m using cutup aesthetic and mathematical technics (Gysin & Burroughs) as a method for exploring, discovering again a raw matter. I’m also trying to fill in the nerve racking & deafening silence coming from these inert faces by using specific sound frequencies and granular textures as permanently disrupted continua pushing audience to feel the fury I have while I’m zooming, digging, trying to know who the other is & what she or he feels.
    FRGMENTS is commissioned by Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea and supported by SEED Lab.

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