G Group: Pattern/Anti-pattern

    G Group: Pattern/Anti-pattern trailer

    G Group: Pattern

    G Group: Anti-pattern

    G Group: Rehearsal for Pattern/Anti-pattern

    G Group is an improvising electronic music ensemble I lead. We play midi interfaces connected to audiovisual generating software I build in Max/MSP/Jitter. We deploy a point source speaker array I also built. Our most recent piece is Pattern/Anti-pattern. In Pattern, rhythmic, melodic and timbral material is organized as a progression of eleven sections of increasing intensity. In Anti-pattern this same material is made available to the performers in a randomized way that challenges the group to create musical meaning as a unit.
    Players with G Group include myself, Matt Leblanc, Len Goins, Roberson Holt, Savino Mazzuocco, and Pete O'Hearn.

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