Geff is a standalone audio effects application to use with your guitar, like you would a collection of stompboxes.
    It includes a variety of effects from the following categories, including Drive, Delay Lines, Filtering, Dynamics, Time Modulators, Amplitude Modulators, Reverb and more. Add as many effects and re-arrange them as you like.
    Geff is separated to three components, Header or Input component, Middle or Effects, and the Footer or Output component. As their names suggest, the Input component manages the audio input, the Effects create and includes the used effects, and the output manages the audio output.
    In addition, Geff has the ability to map your MIDI controller to almost any of its parameters, very easy:
    - Enable the MIDI mapping
    - Hover over a control
    - Move the MIDI controller.
    - Voilà!
    *All done with plain Max 7*