Geografia Sonora

    Georgia Spiropoulos "Geografia Sonora" @ ZKM 2015

    “Geografia Sonora” is a sound and video installation on the theme of the sea; an archipelago of “sound islands” of singing/speaking voices, sound signals, natural and mechanical sounds from countries bordering the Mediterranean. A “breathing sea” (the video), a continuously moving sparkling matter, changing in density, luminosity and color, is transformed into a constellation of lights. The soundscape and the video image are generated, composed and transformed in real time ad infinitum by the computer.
    The sound is distributed by 8 loudspeakers. The navigation between the “sound islands” is organized automatically by a “sound navigation map” generated as a virtual score by means of Max/MSP, the Spatialisateur and Antescofo software. The map is organized as a complex multi-level matrix defining interconnections between sounds, the spatial movement of sounds and the global organization of the material in “sound scenes”.