Glass Punk

    Glass Punk - Live at ISSUE Project Room

    Glass Punk is an algorithmically-composed musical performance inspired by the works and style of Phillip Glass and Daft Punk. 
    A Markov-chain (sequential probability model) was trained on a modified corpus of MIDI scores by both Glass and the French duo that's been adapted to a consistent key and mode, resulting in a state-machine that fuses both musical styles into one. Different pieces were used to train multiple chains for use as MIDI sources for bass lines, melodic and harmonic progressions.
    The piece was performed live with Max/MSP and Ableton Live, using Live to trigger clips and control the playing of parts and rhythms and feeding MIDI "pings" into the Markov Chain to receive note values. The result is a composition that is rhythmically coherent and develops over time, yet it's melodic and harmonic content is indeterministic. This process yielded interesting results that are reminiscent of source materials by all musicians, a dynamic and ever-developing hybrid.

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