GMaudio Squeeze

    GMaudio Squeeze adds juicy upward compression to the line-up of GMaudio dynamics processing devices (such as HiFreqLimiter, PentaComp & Clipper). It's effects can range from normalization and loudness enhancement to complete sonic destruction! Imagine 'OTT' without the downward compression, mixed with a 'doom compressor', but pushed to the extreme with zero phase shift! The default settings will subtly balance out a signal and improve loudness, but maximum 'Squeeze' and 'Mix' with minimum 'Time' will turn any signal into a wall of sound, bringing up the tiniest of details.
    All audio processing was programmed in gen~ codebox, wrapped in RNBO and exported as an external, the device was then built around this using standard Max & live.objects. Here is an article discussing Squeeze in detail 👉 It is light on CPU and FREE! So check it out!