GranuRise presentation

    Cycling '74 has recently given us some really nice updates such as the Mira update and the MPE & Blocks implementation. This is my project that implements the updates.
    Granurise is a real-time Looper, Sampler and Granular synth which integrates with the outside world trough Ipad Mira, Midi–MPE & OSC.
    • Seamless integration with Ipad-Mira
    • »Human modulation« automation that follows a last gesture until a new one is recorded
    • Edit pitch, volume, pan, eq, density & scrub for each voice
    • Different windowing + design your own
    • 4 additional loopers
    • Advance preset & morphing
    • Modular approach
    Seaboard Rise integration:
    • Transforms the pitch without altering the speed of sound using the FFT transform
    • Uses all 5 dimensions
    • Slide can also control the position of each voice
    • Press can control the selection duration
    Other controllers:
    • Monome Grid
    • Monome Arc
    • Midi Twister
    • Ableton Push
    • Leapmotion
    • More to come (Blocks, Lemur…)

    • mark atherton's icon
      mark atherton's icon
      mark atherton
      May 09 2017 | 2:10 pm
      great video - look forward to the release
    • andrej's icon
      andrej's icon
      May 13 2017 | 1:10 am
      Thanks, now I'm in a last stage of defining and testing the patch. So it will be released soon.
    • Interesting Person's icon
      Interesting Person's icon
      Interesting Person
      Dec 19 2017 | 3:49 pm
      Would love to see if there's any progress on public version of GranuRise... Thanks
    • Robin Parmar's icon
      Robin Parmar's icon
      Robin Parmar
      Dec 20 2017 | 10:32 pm
      Yeah, me too.
    • andrej's icon
      andrej's icon
      Dec 21 2017 | 8:11 am
      First thanks for your interest in the GranuRise project. I'm terribly sorry because is taking it this long. In this year I have been involved in so many project that became hard for me to handle them all. Anyway I have also constantly developed and optimised the GranuRise project and I have added some really nice features. Currently I'm working on the last usability details & tutorials and I'm finishing the M4L integration. So far I'm really satisfied with how the patch is progressing and to be honest, I also can wait to release it and see what others can do with it. Thanks so much for your patience.
    • Robin Parmar's icon
      Robin Parmar's icon
      Robin Parmar
      Dec 21 2017 | 2:26 pm
      Andrej, I know what this is like, as does anyone who has worked on a development project. I recommend early and frequent releases, following the rapid development methodology. For instance, I couldn't care less for M4L or additional features, I just want to see the core. :-)
    • andrej's icon
      andrej's icon
      Dec 21 2017 | 9:32 pm
      Thanks Robin for your understanding and suggestion I will definitely consider it.
      Forgot to mention in the previous post I will definitely keep you updated.
      Best, AK
    • andrej's icon
      andrej's icon
      Jun 15 2019 | 3:38 pm
      Here it is! Visit
    • transfixer's icon
      transfixer's icon
      Oct 22 2019 | 9:06 am
      i wanted to buy granurise. couldn't, because they say, thay can't check my card. none of the two, i have! i wrote them for some clarification. stil no answer, and it's been a week, since. cool stuff, shitty management, and a big "fuck you!" from a potential user!
    • andrej's icon
      andrej's icon
      Oct 22 2019 | 11:07 am
      Hi Transfixer it looks like your mail ended up for some strange reason in the spam box. Anyway I will contact you directly so that we can solve the problem. Sorry for the trouble.