GranuRise Max For Live Integration


    GranuRise Sound Design Example

    GranuRise Tutorial 1 | Interface | Granular & Spectral Engine

    GranuRise Roli Blocks Integration

    After 7 years of long nights and short weekends, GranuRise with the MaxForLive integration is finally here! It turned out to be so much more than just a regular granular synth. Hope you'll like it as much as we enjoyed patching it. The Max version has also received a significant update.
    Less a software & more of an instrument
    Gestural control | conduct your sound | the gesture as a human LFO
    Thinking outside of a grid-based environment
    Expressive interaction with the software
    Semi-prepared generative structures with real-time interaction
    Real-time audio processing and transformation
    Control each grain independently | pitch, volume, filter…
    Draw your own Window function
    Mix between engines: Granular | Spectra | Sample | Synth | Effect 
    All layers as a sound source for the pitch transformation – without altering the speed of the sound
    MIDI | MPE | OSC | Mira | Roli Blocks integration
    Advanced preset recalling and morph options combined with the gesture feature

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